3 Things You Don’t Know Are in Your Air Ducts That You’ll Want Removed Immediately

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While other parts of your home get cleaned regularly, like countertops, floors, and bathrooms, when was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? It’s easy to forget about them, since they are out of sight, and they don’t need to be cleaned nearly as often as your kitchen counters, but if it’s been a while there could be some scary stuff lurking inside them. Every few years you should have your air ducts professionally cleaned to keep the air inside your home healthier for your family. Studies have shown that air inside your home can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. Here are three things that could be stuck inside your air ducts that will make you want to schedule an air duct cleaning with Home Comfort Experts today.


Dead Insects & Rodents

It may not be pretty to think about, but the truth is that insects and rodents can be found in almost every house in the country, even the world. While they mainly stick to small dark places, your home’s air ducts are the perfect place for them to hide and thrive. With these intruders also comes their waste, like feces and after they die, their remains. You don’t want the air being pumped into your home to be carrying their germs and pollution with it.

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Mold Spores & Mildew

Other perpetrators include mold, mildew and bacteria. They feed off of the dust and debris built up over the years, and thrive in dark, cool spaces like air ducts. If you’ve had water damage in the past, it could be an even bigger problem than you’re aware of. If left untreated, mold and bacteria can get into your home’s air and cause a host of health problems for your family.  If this is a concern for your family, you should look into some of our Home Comfort Expert indoor air quality solutions, like Ultraviolet Air Purification or HEPA Air Filtration systems.


Pet Hair & Dust Buildup

While it’s easy to get rid of dust on your shelves and lampshades, it’s not so easy to get rid of the dust and debris that piles up inside your air ducts. One person can shed about a pound and a half of skin cells every year. That can really add up if you have a large family. That’s a lot of dust particles being redistributed throughout your home in-between air duct cleanings.

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