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3 Tips to Maximize Your Programmable Thermostat Savings

Programmable Thermostat PictureYou’ve probably heard at least a little about programmable thermostats, and how they can notably improve the energy efficiency in your home. And energy efficiency, of course, means lower bills, but how can you maximize those savings? Here are three tips to remember while setting your programmable thermostat in order to get your monthly energy bill down while still keeping you and your family comfortable!

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1.   Schedule Your Thermostat Settings to Match Your Family’s Schedule

If you don’t already have your family’s daily schedules plotted out, this is a great opportunity to get it done. That way, you can figure out exactly how long your house will be empty during the day, and program your thermostat accordingly. There’s no reason to keep the house too warm or too cool when nobody’s there to enjoy it! And even when you are home, you don’t always want the same settings you had going during the day. If you’re snugly under your blankets throughout the night, adjust your thermostat to use this time as an energy-efficient period, as well.

2. Only Use the “Hold” Feature When the House Is Empty for Days at a Time

Only use the “hold” feature on your programmable thermostat for the intended long-term periods of low energy use. Using them to change the settings for a single weekend when people are mostly home is not actually using the energy efficiency management features of a programmable thermostat efficiently. You’ll save more by using it for longer periods of time.

3. Don’t Set the Thermostat Higher or Lower Than Intended to Get Faster Results

Programmable thermostats always provide the same, linear temperature changes regardless of the endpoint selected. So if you set it to 80 degrees when you really want it to warm up to a comfortable 70, the only result is expending more energy getting to the same point and lowering down from it. Trust your programmable thermostat!

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By following these three tips, you’ll get the most out of your programmable thermostat and maximize the potential year-over-year energy savings they provide over traditional thermostats. According to the Energy Star website, you can save up to $180 a year just by using your programmable thermostat properly!

To learn more about upgrading to or maintaining a current programmable thermostat system, contact us at Home Comfort Experts and we’ll happily answer any questions you have.