Back to School: 3 Assignments for Homeowners

tips for homeowners in the indiana areaWith summer coming to an end and the kids heading back to school, it is time to get your home back in gear. In order to do just that, Home Comfort Experts is giving homeowners a few homework assignments.

Assignment #1: Make Adjustments to Your Programmable Thermostat


Your family’s schedule has probably changed now that school is back in session. With kids in school most of the day and sports practices or other evening activities, making changes to your programmable thermostat that reflect your new schedule will help with energy savings. For more tips on programming your thermostat, check out our blog post Best Programmable Thermostat Tips to Drive Energy Savings.

Assignment #2: Change the Air Filter

At Home Comfort Experts, we recommend changing your home’s air filter each month. Doing so will not only help with and increasing efficiency but also with keeping your air cleaner. If you have already done this task, cross it off your homework list! Don’t forget to sign up for Home Comfort’s FilterMinder service that sends you a reminder to change your filter.

Assignment #3: Check Your Sump Pump Drain
Homework assignment number three is to check your sump pump drain. Make sure that it is working effectively and that nothing is blocking this passage as to avoid a plumbing problem. It would also be helpful to check on your battery backup sump pump. You can flip your breaker off to trigger the battery backup sump pump and test that it is in working condition.

Now you have the homework necessary to get your home back in gear! For more information about heating and cooling maintenance, give Home Comfort Experts a call today.

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