Carbon Monoxide Dangers – Why Monitoring Is the Best Solution for Health & Safety

Carbon Monoxide kills hundreds of people each year and injures many more. Like oxygen, CO enters the body through the lungs during normal breathing process. It competes with the oxygen by replacing it in the red blood cells, thereby reducing the flow of oxygen to the heart, brain and other vital organs.

Common Sources of CO:

*    Gas furnaces, water heaters

*    Portable generators

*    Idling automobiles

*    Kerosene heaters

*    Wood or gas fireplaces

Educate yourself and family on the sources:

*    Have appliance installations done by


*    Have your appliances checked regularly

by professionals

*    Clean chimneys and flues annually

*    Open windows when a fireplace or wood burning
stove is in use


Symptoms of CO poisoning:

*    Low Level Exposure(less than 35 PPM):

*     Flu-like symptoms and can have significant

long-term health risk if untreated

*     High Level Exposure(More than 35 PPM: less than
70 PPM):  Severe throbbing headache, drowsiness, confusion, fast heart rate

*     Crisis level Exposure (More than 70 PPM):
Unconsciousness, convulsions, cardio respiratory failure, death.

Installation of a CO Monitor:
*    Always have 1 monitor in or near the bedroom you sleep
*    Install 1 on every floor of the house
*    Install at eye level
*    Place out of reach of children
Do not install:
*    Outside the living area
*    In or below a cupboard
*    Directly above a sink or cooking appliance
*    In a damp or humid area
*    Anywhere that it would be affected by drafts
*    Where dirt or dust could block the sensor
*    Where it could be turned off

The sensor life of a Co detector or Monitor is 3-5 years. There is a difference between a standard detector and low level monitor. A Co detector may not alarm until 70 PPM to 400 PPM depending on brand. A low level monitor will display at 5 PPM and start to alarm at 15 PPM>.

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