Electronic Air Cleaners: Are They Worth The Investment?

Do electronic air cleaners really work, and are they worth the investment?  They do work to remove dust and microscopic particles from your home, but the efficiency depends on what type you buy.  This type of equipment is definitely recommended for any homeowner who desires cleaner air, and is recommended for homes in which people with asthma or other breathing conditions live.

Without going in to great scientific detail, breathable particles are removed usually through cycled air.  The air in your home is cycled through a filter that attracts and traps particles, dirt and dust that is present in the air.  Some electronic air cleaners that are designed for a single room are designed with several filters.  One may filter out large particles, while others filter smaller particles, odors and even gases.

Also available today are whole-house systems that free the air of allergens and pollutants.  This type is normally found in specialized units that are located within an HVAC system.  Instead of having portable units in every room, the air throughout your home can be cleaned.  A whole-house system may also feature a humidifier, which helps to keep humidity levels consistent.  This is often desirable if someone in your home has allergies, dry eyes or sinus problems.

Breathing dust particles, dirt, smoke and other substances from the air can cause health issues, so it is advisable to have portable room units or a whole-house unit present in your home.  Your home will also stay cleaner longer due to the reduction of dust and dirt in the air.  We feel that electronic air cleaners are definitely worth the investment for a healthier, cleaner environment for your family.

Home Comfort Experts services South Bend/Mishawaka and surrounding areas of Indiana.  We hope we have helped you understand the importance of electronic air cleaners in your home.