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Hot Water Heater Myths Pic

Hot Water Heater Myths PicThere’s a lot of misinformation floating around about hot water out there. Some things people take as “common knowledge” just aren’t true. In an effort to debunk some of these common myths, Home Comfort Experts has put together a list of the most popular myths. Amazingly, correcting them could save you money!

Always Use Hot Water to Wash Your Hands

Believe it or not, the temperature of the water doesn’t have any effect on germ removal, according to the CDC. Washing your wands with hot water is, however, is much more likely to cause skin irritation and definitely costs more because you are making your water heater work harder. TIP: Use cold water in your washer when possible. It’ll keep clothes looking brighter as well as make each wash a little cheaper.

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Hot Water Heater Tips

If you’re stuck waiting for warm water at the kitchen sink or in the shower, don’t blame your water heater! It’s sending hot water the minute you ask for it. It’s your pipes that slow down the delivery. Cold pipes steal the heat from the water. The type of piping could mean your hot water must first spend energy to warm up those pipes. You can insulate your pipes to keep them warmer and reduce the amount of heat they absorb.

You can also insulate your water heater. While this won’t speed up the delivery of your hot water, it could make it cheaper! Call a professional plumber to help you make the right call to improve the water flow in your house.

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One other way to speed up your hot water is to install a tankless water heater. Tankless water heaters will provide energy savings as they only heat the water when it’s needed. But their real benefit is an unending supply of hot water. The water won’t get to the tap any quicker, but you’ll never have to wait for your heater to catch up after somebody used up all the hot water, again.

Water Heater Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about your water heater because it’s hidden away in a closet or downstairs. Make sure you keep the area around the water heater clear of debris to prevent fire, catch leaks faster, and ensure the highest efficiency. Simple maintenance, such as draining heaters with brass valves once a year, can extend your water heater’s life expectancy. Talk to your technician, or check the manufacturer’s guide, for the best ways to care for your specific water heater.

Another great tip for your water heater is to decrease the maximum temperature setting. This will not only save you money, but it is also a safety measure. Set the temperature only as high as you’ll realistically use, probably around 120°. You’ll save energy and never again scald yourself with water from the tap that’s too hot.

Buy the Best Brand

Depending on advertising, your past experience, or the advice of a technician, you may have been encouraged to buy one particular brand of water heater. While there are certainly differences between the various brands, the really critical factor is your installer. Make sure you hire experienced professionals who will not only install your water heater with care, but also help you choose the most practical heater for your home and budget.

Old Water Heaters Get Rusty

Water heaters are designed to perform without developing rust problems. The average life expectancy of a water heater is somewhere between eight and twelve years. The reason they are most often replaced is because of leaks or declining efficiency – not rust. If your water is a funny color, call a plumber to come check it out.

Newer Water Heaters Are More Efficient

This one is not a myth. You can reduce your water heating costs with a new, energy efficient water heater. Call a professional to find out more about the latest safety and efficiency requirements for water heaters, and learn how much you could save by switching to a new heater!

While there are lots of tall tales out there, rest assured you can count on Home Comfort Experts to put you on the right track. Give us a call at (574) 255-4600 or click to find out how we can help you today!


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