Important Spring Service on Your HVAC System

A Heat Pump

Like most people after a long Midwestern winter, you may find yourself daydreaming about sunny summer days, perfect for outdoor activity. But keeping your home comfortably cool can be a crucial factor in your enjoyment of summertime. You want to ensure the home you return to at the end of a long hot day of outdoor fun has a cooler indoor temperature. So, before you switch your HVAC system on for the summer, have it serviced this spring.

Why It is Important

Protecting your home’s infrastructure is an investment in your biggest material asset and can lengthen the lifespan of major systems and save money on your utility bills. A spring service to your HVAC system should be a priority to:

  • Prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns from happening.
  • Keep your cooling system running at peak capacity and efficiency to save money and materials wear and tear.
  • Keep the integrity of product warranties active.

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The Nuts and Bolts of HVAC Service

The main features of a spring maintenance focus on 5 primary areas:

  1. Inspection and cleaning of indoor coil.
  2. Check all electrical connections.
  3. Monitor operation of the compressor and outdoor fan motor.
  4. Check the system’s refrigerant level and, if low, inspect for possible leaks.
  5. Replace filter.

Homeowners should continue to monitor filters throughout the season and change when needed. A dusty home is often an indication that the filters need to be changed. Also, checking for any leaks around the unit and being aware of any unusual noises will help trouble shoot potential problems before they become expensive.

Our home-cooling technicians are at the ready to perform the seasonal maintenance your HVAC system requires to keep it running optimally through the upcoming summer season. We provide air conditioner repairs, maintenance and installation. Our team of skilled technicians repairs all models and brands of central air conditioners. We offer a 20-point air conditioning maintenance & safety inspection to get your cooling system in top condition to see you through the summer months.

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Contact our Comfort Experts technicians today at (574) 255-4600 to learn more about how our technician experts work hard to keep your cool air blowing cold during hot summer days. We have services in 12 locations including South Bend, Mishawaka, Plymouth, LaPorte, Elkhart, Columbia City and Fort Wayne in Indiana, and Niles and St. Joseph in Michigan. We offer specials and financing assistance to help meet your budgeting needs.

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