It’s Time To Get A Thorough Duct Cleaning When …

Duct cleaning has almost become the newest fad in home maintenance. Self-proclaimed “specialists” go door to door proclaiming the benefits in heating and cooling efficiency that can be brought about by having your HVAC system’s ducts cleaned. While some of this is based upon fact, much of it is based upon hearsay and anecdotal data.


While it is clear that dust and debris can get into your home’s air handling unit and ductwork, it isn’t clear that this is always a problem. Some dust is bound to get past the filter and enter into the system, but that dust is probably going to stick to the air conditioning evaporator coil or to the sides of your ductwork. Unless it builds up to the point where it’s reducing your system’s airflow, it’s probably not causing a problem.


On the other hand, sometimes debris in your ductwork can contribute to or cause health problems, especially if a resident of your home suffers from allergies or asthma. Debris in your air-handling system or ductwork can travel throughout the rest of the house. Consider having your ducts professionally cleaned if:

  • Your ducts are infested with pests, such as mice or insects.
  • Your ducts are actually clogged with debris.
  • You notice particles of dust or debris being released into your home from your air registers.
  • Someone in your home is experiencing mysterious symptoms that you suspect are related to your indoor air quality. (Discuss this with a doctor first, though.)


A proper duct-cleaning job consists of cleaning the entire air-handling system, evaporator coil and heat exchanger and all the ducts — even those hidden from view. If the home has insulated fiber ducts, they are usually replaced instead of being cleaned. At Home Comfort Experts, we use the HEPA-AIRE method to clean ductwork. This filtration system catches contaminants 1/300th the width of a human hair.


If you suspect your ductwork should be cleaned and you’d like an inspection by a certified heating and cooling professional, contact the Home Comfort Experts. We serve Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan.


Home Comfort services the Mishawaka/South Bend areas of Indiana.

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