Questions to Ask When Replacing Your Water Heater

When it comes to water heaters, the worst way to replace one is to wait until your current unit goes out completely. No one likes to make a decision about an expensive piece of equipment in an emergency situation. It’s much better to do the necessary research in advance so you can consider your needs as well as the ramifications of different types of water heaters.

Then again, it’s best to replace your water heater before any kind of emergency can develop. This isn’t just to avoid the inconvenience of being without hot water for an extended time; it’s also good practice. Water heaters more than five years old are considerably less energy-efficient than new models.

Questions to Consider

1) What kinds of water heaters are available?
The two basic types are those with a tank and those without. The latter kind are called tankless or instantaneous water heaters.

2) Is electricity relatively inexpensive in your area?
The answer to this will determine whether you should buy a gas or electric model.

3) How much hot water will you need at any one time?
Those who live alone may find that an instantaneous water heater provides enough. Because these lack a storage tank, there is no mass of water that needs to be heated up each and every time it cools down. This translates into energy savings and makes an instantaneous water heater quite inexpensive to operate. If, however, you have a large family and you might want to wash clothes at the same time someone is taking a bath, the size of your tank-style heater will be a consideration.

4)  How much space do you want to devote to a water heater? If your home is cramped for floor area, you can open some up by switching over to a tankless water heater. Imagine your current water heater closet being used for linen storage.

Replacing water heaters is something all homeowners must face from time to time. By asking yourself these questions in advance, you can be prepared when that day comes. And if you need expert advice, the professionals at Home Comfort Experts are always glad to walk you though a decision on home comfort matters. Call us if we can help.

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