AC Maintenance Tips: How to Resolve Cooling Problems

AC maintenance

The temperature is getting warmer, so it’s crucial to have your air conditioning unit checked. Doing so will help you prepare for the hot seasons. But what if you suddenly notice that your AC unit has cooling problems? Here are some tips on what to do if your AC is not blowing cold air.

Check the Air Vents

When you feel that your home is not getting cool enough, inspect the vents. You should feel cold air blowing out of the vents when you put your hand in front of them. If little to no cool air is coming out, there could be a blockage somewhere within the vent system.

Change Dirty Air Filters

It is ideal to replace filters every three months or less. A dirty air filter may block airflow into the unit. When this happens, it can cause your HVAC unit to work harder and may eventually affect the system’s efficiency.

Additionally, dirty air filters tend to allow fine dust or other allergens through the vent system, resulting in harmful particles being distributed throughout your home. Do not hesitate to buy a replacement filter since this can help for better airflow.

Observe the Temperature

If you don’t feel cold air circulating throughout your home even when the vent system’s working fine, assess the AC unit. Sometimes, the unit lacks Freon which is also known as a refrigerant. This chemical allows colder air to be produced and distributed in your home. An HVAC technician can safely replace it for you.

Upgrade the Thermostat

Thermostats allow you to control indoor temperature. Some are programmable and let you set a specific temperature level at different times of the day. It is better to upgrade your current thermostat to a programmable one because it can save you money and give you more indoor climate control.

Home Comfort Experts Is Here to Help!

By following the tips above, you’ll know what to do if your AC is not blowing cold air. In case the need for an AC repair arises, call Home Comfort Experts immediately! Our professional technicians will assist you with all your HVAC concerns. Contact us any time since we provide 24/7 emergency services! Reach out to our team today and get a free quote!

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