Sleep Cooler without Lowering Your Air Conditioner

Man Sleeping Picture

Man Sleeping PictureTrying to save a little money on air conditioning bills? Here are some simple tips to keep your bedroom cooler at night so you can sleep more comfortably without depending as much on the air conditioner. Remember, people used to sleep with no AC all the time just a hundred short years ago. These tips may make it easier than you thought.

Use the Right Sheets
Lightweight cotton sheets are the best because they are breathable and improve airflow.
Make a Warming Device a Cooling Device
Turn the tables. Use a bag of beans or rice designed to be microwaved to hold heat as a cooling device. Simply place it in the freezer a few hours before bedtime and enjoy the coolness it gives off for an hour or more.
Adjust the Ceiling Fan Blades
Make sure the ceiling fan blades are pointed down so it’s actually blowing cold air on your skin. This is the wind chill effect and it will make the air in the room feel cooler as moisture is evaporating from your skin.
Wear Less to Bed
Fewer clothes mean fewer layers. If you can, sleep naked.
Homemade AC
Place a large bowl of ice in front of the fan. The air will pick up coolness and moisture from the ice surface making it feel cooler.
Sleep Farther from Your Partner
If you sleep with a partner, stay as far away from each other as possible to keep from picking up on each other’s heat.
Take a Cool Shower
A cool shower right before bedtime can lower your core temperature and keep you feeling comfortable until you are able to fall asleep.
Sleep Like a Starfish
The spread eagle position is the coolest. It lets air hit all of your limbs and keeps them farthest from each other. Of course, if you do have a spouse, this is not recommended. He/she will get angry with you for hogging the bed.

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Shoot for 78 degrees to save on your cooling bills. Setting your temperature even five degrees lower can make your air conditioner use up to 40% more energy! If you need a programmable thermostat installed or an air conditioner tune-up to help your system run more efficiently, call Home Comfort Experts. We’ll be happy to help you save money on your energy bills.

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