Think a Bigger Air Conditioner Is Better? Think Again.

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Big Sandwich PictureIt makes sense when you hear it – a bigger air conditioner can cool your home better. However, knowing what we know about air conditioner installation, the heating and cooling pros at Home Comfort Experts will tell you that it simply is not the case. Bigger isn’t always better. There are several factors to take into consideration when installing an air conditioner and installing the proper size air conditioner is critical to your comfort, your budget, and the lifespan of your equipment.

Air Conditioners Don’t Just Cool Your Home, They Dehumidify

While cooling your home is the most obvious job an air conditioner handles, it’s definitely not the only job. Another important service your AC performs is moisture removal. As your air conditioner runs, it cools the air while removing humidity. What happens when an air conditioning unit is too large for a space is that it cycles on and off more often. As soon as the temperature setting on the thermostat is satisfied, the air conditioner turns off. Unfortunately, because it only ran a short time, it didn’t run long enough to remove the proper amount of humidity. The result is a muggy, sticky-feeling cool home. Definitely not ideal.

Short-Cycling Is Hard on Your Air Conditioner

An air conditioner is nothing more than a machine made of moving parts. It takes much more effort for your system to turn on and off than it does to just keep running. When your air conditioner turns on and off, it puts stress on those parts responsible for starting and stopping. Eventually those parts will wear out and need to be replaced. An air conditioner that is oversized will not last as long as a properly sized unit. Plus, the constant on-off cycle defeats the purpose of its energy efficient design and will increase your electric bill. Considering the cost of air conditioners, you want to get as much out of a unit as you possibly can.

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Proper Air Conditioner Installation Is Critical

Proper installation of your air conditioner is the most important aspect in determining how well it will run and how long it will last. It’s more important than price, brand or size. Make sure your air conditioner is installed by professionals like the heating and cooling technicians at Home Comfort Experts. We size the air conditioner properly for your home and follow all manufacturer recommendations.

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