Tempted By Online Deals? Buying HVAC Equipment Requires Expert Help

When you’re buying HVAC equipment, online deals can quickly turn sour. Typically, an online deal is possible because it bypasses the middleman. But with HVAC equipment, an HVAC technician is the key to a good experience. Here’s why:

  • Selection. Most homeowners do not have the expertise to select the very best heating and cooling equipment for their situation. While efficiency ratings can help guide you toward energy-saving equipment, choosing the ideal system for your home involves a lot more than checking that rating. Choosing a low-quality brand, for instance, can result in higher long-term costs as repair bills stack up. Other selection factors your local HVAC contractor can help you with: the type of system that’s best for your home (heat pump or furnace?); strategies for dealing with hard-to-heat rooms (ductless mini-split or radiant floor heat?); and making your new equipment part of a larger energy-savings plan.
  • Sizing and installation. For your HVAC equipment to operate efficiently once it’s installed, you should first have it sized to match your home’s heating and cooling load. This requires the help of an expert, who will take into account factors such as your home’s total heat gain and insulation levels. Further, many local contractors will decline to install equipment purchased online, because they cannot vouch for its quality. Ultimately, poor sizing and installation hinder savings down the line, so don’t eliminate the middleman during this portion of the upgrade process.
  • Warranty. A warranty can make or break your experience when buying HVAC equipment. Most reputable manufacturers will not warranty any equipment purchased online, because they can’t affirm the quality of equipment purchased from unauthorized dealers.

When buying HVAC equipment, the middleman is essential. Without expert help, you could end up with improperly selected and sized equipment, leading to higher costs down the line.


Buying HVAC equipment? Get professional help, and use a local expert. Doing so will ensure that you get the best equipment possible, with high-quality installation service to maximize your investment. For help, contact Home Comfort Experts. We serve Northern Indiana and Southwest Michigan with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.

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