The Value of Hybrid Dual Fuel Systems

When you are upgrading your heating and cooling system you have a number of options to choose from. Hybrid dual fuel systems are among those options. There are many advantages to converting to this type of unit. However, the primary advantage to a hybrid fuel system is its efficiency.

Hybrid dual fuel systems switch between electric heat and fuel furnace operation. This feature automatically gives you the most efficient heating based on the outside temperature.

The heat pump provides heat differently than your traditional fuel furnace, which burns fuel to create heat. Heat pumps do not create heat; rather, they transfer heat from another source into your home. During colder months the heat pump extracts the warm air from your home. When temperatures dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit your unit will switch to the fuel furnace because the heat pump is not as effective or efficient below this temperature.

Long-term, this type of heating and cooling system allows you to adjust to market conditions when fuel prices fluctuate. The Energy Information Administration estimates that the rising costs of fuel will result in the average American’s heating costs being one-third higher this year.

The savings you can achieve from converting to a dual hybrid fuel system are significant. In fact, some estimate that the annual savings in the Midwestern states could be as high as $800.

For more information about hybrid dual fuel systems, contact us.  We can help you determine if this type of home heating is right for you.

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