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Every year, our team of HVAC technicians from Home Comfort Experts are asked the same question: Do I need to put a cover on my air conditioner? If you are concerned about rodents getting into your unit or other disasters befalling your AC, we fully recommend purchasing a home AC cover.

These covers are designed to protect your air conditioner’s vital components throughout the entire winter season, ensuring that it will be ready to go once the temperature rises in the summer. Air conditioners are considerable investments that can last over 15 years if properly maintained. An AC cover can protect your investment during the months it is not operating.

Learn why you should cover your AC this winter and how you can prevent damage to your cooling system.

4 Ways AC Covers Protect Your System

Learning how to cover an air conditioner is rather simple and offers numerous benefits to homeowners, so there’s no doubt you should consider this protective measure. Not only does the cover protect your system from intruders, both living and non-living, but it can also expand its lifespan and maintain its aesthetic appearance.

1. Wards of Animals

When you cover your air conditioning system every winter, you are protecting the complex system from getting damaged by various wrong-doers. For starters, during the cold months, rodents like mice, rats, squirrels, and other small mammals will take shelter in your AC unit to protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions.

While intruding into your cooling system, the rodents could chew or claw at wires or other components, resulting in the need for air conditioning repairs. It’s best to cover your AC unit and ward off these critters to avoid damage to your system.

2. Prevents Mold & Mildew Growth

Along with preventing animals from loitering inside the unit, an air conditioning cover will protect the insides from snow, rain, and other nasty storms. While modern AC units are designed to withstand inclement weather, an air conditioner box cover will holistically block out harsh weather conditions.

By blocking out the rain and snow, a cover also prevents the risk of mold and mildew growing inside your unit. If there is mold in your system, it can be distributed throughout your home, leading to a number of health issues for you and your family. Covering the top of the unit will ward off these risks.

3. Lowers the Chances of Rust & Corrosion

Along with lowering the risk of harmful mold and mildew from growing in your air conditioning system, an AC cover also helps lower the chance of your unit rusting. While modern AC units are designed and built to withstand years of harsh precipitation, many components within your system can become corroded due to the weather.

Rust and corrosion not only compromise the structural integrity of the system, but can also impede its efficiency, potentially causing costly damages. Investing in a durable and weather-resistant cover serves as a proactive measure, preserving the exterior of the AC unit and ultimately contributing to its sustained performance and durability.

4. Keeps Leaves & Other Debris Out

Rain is not the only element of nature that can harm your outdoor AC system. If leaves, flowers, twigs, nuts, or any other debris gets into your system, it could cause irreparable damage to various components. Imagine a twig interfering with the motor of your unit: this can cause the unit’s efficiency to seriously deteriorate, leading to expensive repairs or a necessary replacement.

If there is a large air conditioner cover on your unit, you’ll notice how easy it is to keep your AC clean and free of potentially dangerous accidents. Investing in a cover can help lower your need for air conditioning maintenance and expand your system’s lifespan.

Additional AC Maintenance Tips

Are you looking for other ways to ensure the reliability of your air conditioning system for years to come? Our technicians recommend having your unit inspected and maintained every year. During these routine services, our experts will clean, tune-up, and refurbish your AC system, thereby expanding its lifespan.

Our air conditioning maintenance specialists will thoroughly examine your unit, locate any weak points, and fix them all during one quick visit. We know how important your AC system is, which is why we work hard to protect your investment.

Purchase a New Air Conditioner Cover Today

We at Home Comfort Experts put a high priority on your HVAC equipment, which is why we have designed and released various products to enhance your systems’ performance. We offer a branded air conditioner cover designed to keep your unit clean and safe throughout the entire winter month. Take a look at our HVAC accessories today to purchase one of our covers.

Want to learn more about covering your air conditioner? Contact us today at Home Comfort Experts to speak with one of our experienced technicians. We’ll listen to your questions and concerns and help you with all of your air conditioning needs in Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan.

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