Upflow Furnace System

What Is an Upflow Furnace System?

Upflow and downflow refer to the direction that heated air is pushed out of a furnace as it enters your home’s ductwork. Quite simply, if heated air is pushed out of the top and up into the vents, it is known as an upflow furnace. If the warm air is pushed out of the bottom of the furnace and down into the venting system, it is known as a downflow furnace.

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Upflow furnaces generally perform best when they are installed in the basement or ground floor of a residence, at the base of the venting system, where it can push heated air upwards, through the vents. Very often, homes that are already built with duct systems in place do not give you the option of choosing between the types of furnaces, as it is pre-decided.

Downflow furnaces are typically used when there is no basement in a residence or another suitable place to install an upflow furnace. Mobile homes and slab houses frequently have downflow furnaces.

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