Why Does My AC Use So Much Power?

As the heat of the summer months beats down outside, having the comfort of a cool home is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, energy bills seem to increase considerably during the summer. For some, this means the difference between staying comfortable and healthy and having to fork up more and more money in energy and power costs. So why does AC use so much power?

How AC Systems Use Power

In order to understand why air conditioners use up so much power, it is important to understand how they work. Similar to a refrigerator, an air conditioning system uses a series of tubes that wind into coils called evaporator and condenser coils. A pump called a compressor continuously moves refrigerant throughout the air conditioning system. Inside the evaporator coil, the refrigerant evaporates and creates a gas that gets pumped back into the compressor, expelling heat outside and sending cool air flowing throughout your home. This complex system requires a lot of energy to run, and the cooler you keep your AC the more electricity it requires. Since many people leave their AC systems running continuously during the summer, this increases the amount of energy used and the cost of power.

Why My System Is Using More Power

If you are experiencing a sudden spike in your AC system’s energy consumption, there may be an issue with the unit itself. If your air conditioning system goes without regular maintenance, you may experience refrigerant problems, thermostat issues, drainage problems, dirty filters, or more. If your unit is experiencing any of these problems, it may cause the unit to work harder to deliver cool air, raising the amount of energy necessary. An experienced HVAC technician can diagnose problems with your air conditioning unit and recommend solutions.

What To Do About Rising Energy Costs

No one likes having to pay increasingly larger prices just to stay cool for the summer. Luckily, advances in air conditioning technology have made AC systems more affordable and far more energy-efficient. Newer models have taken a premium on saving energy to benefit both your wallet and the environment. Upgrading your AC system to a newer model could save you a lot of money in energy costs in the long run. However, it is important to know which new air conditioning system is right for you.


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