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Home Comfort Experts offers fast and reliable humidifier repair, replacement, and installation services in Indiana. While most people can tell a difference in temperature of just a couple of degrees, it’s not so easy to perceive differences in moisture levels. The result is that your home can be extremely dry without a humidifier installed, but you may not realize it. The problem with dry air is that it can cause a host of symptoms you may not even associate with it. For all your home humidifier needs, get in touch with us and our experts will be there to assist you right away.

Top Signs You Need a Home Humidifier

Rely on our team of professional Indoor Air Quality Experts to help you make the best decision and one that will keep your family healthy, comfortable and safe for many years to come. We have several financing options available and a wide variety of furnace makes and models available to accommodate nearly every budget.

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Itchy, Dry Skin
As the humidity decreases, skin dries out and gets itchy

Dry Bloody Noses

When the mucous membranes in the nose dry out, tissue can crack

Sore throats & Dry Mouth

Breathing dry air all night can cause sore, irritated throats in the morning


Wood furniture, molding, and hardwood flooring will crack from lack of moisture

Chapped Lips

Usually attributed to cold winds, lack of humidity is the real culprit. Dry, itchy eyes-everyone is affected, but contact lens wearers may notice this even more

Static Electricity
Moist mucous in your nose and throat capture many microbes, but when these tissues are dry, they cannot function properly, thus letting germs pass into your lungs
Electronic Air Cleaner
Removes small breathable particles and other bio-aerosols down to one micron (Emits Ozone).
If you’ve noticed any of these signs, chances are the air in your home is lacking moisture. In the winter months, the combination of dry winter air, furnaces running almost constantly, and homes sealed up tight can cause the humidity level to drop dramatically.

Dependable Whole House Dehumidifier Services in Indiana and Michigan

Dehumidifiers work by helping control the level of moisture in the air. The ideal relative humidity indoors is between 35 and 50 percent. When humidity levels are below 50 percent, your place can become a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and dust mites, causing allergies and other related health problems.

Unfortunately, setting your thermostat low just to stay comfortable and cozy indoors is not the long-term solution. Cranking your air conditioner won't solve your humidity problems (it will only double your energy bills) either. Your best option? Investing in a dehumidifier!

If you rely on your AC alone, it must work hard to keep you comfortable. This can shorten its lifespan and cause a significant rise in your energy bills. The best way to solve your humidity problems would be to invest in a professional grade whole house dehumidifier.

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We Provide Dehumidifying Solutions to Any Space Regardless of Size

At Home Comfort Experts, we provide various dehumidifying solutions for small and large places. Get in touch with us and our professionals will conduct a thorough inspection of your home.

We will also measure your windows, space, and moisture level to recommend the best dehumidifying solution that suits your needs and budget. At Home Comfort Experts, our goal is to make your home comfortable all day, every day!

Why Invest in a Dehumidifier? Here are the Top Benefits

Excess humidity can cause significant issues for your home and health when not addressed promptly and properly. A dehumidifier improves indoor air quality by minimizing the air's moisture level. Below are the other notable benefits of a humidifier:

  • It helps reduce mold and mildew
    Mold and mildew can cause many health problems, including wheezing, irritation, congestion, and more. Dehumidifiers can help prevent mold and mildew growth and improve the quality of air indoors.
  • Flooding cleanup and water leakage
    Leakage and flooding are common household problems. Dehumidifiers can spare you from the stress and hassle of dealing with cleanups and excess water. Dehumidifiers can also absorb excess moisture and water for faster drying.
  • Minimize condensation
    Water droplets on the inside of your windows often indicate excess humidity. Extra moisture can lead to wood rotting and compromise your home's structural integrity. A dehumidifier can help eliminate excess humidity and prevent damage to your property.
  • Lower energy cost
    Since dehumidifiers can reduce the humidity in the air, your air conditioner won't have to work twice as hard to keep you comfortable. Your cooling system at home won't also consume more energy to maintain the ideal temperature level indoors.
  • Improves comfort indoors
    Living in a humid environment can be extremely uncomfortable. If you live in a swampy or tropical climate, investing in a dehumidifier would be wise to ensure your indoor air stays balanced.

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The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America joined with Allergy Standards Limited to create the asthma & allergy friendly® Certification Program. This program helps people make informed purchases for a healthier home. We test household products against strict standards. If products pass our tests, they earn the CERTIFIED asthma & allergy friendly® mark.

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