Cleaning And Caring For Your Humidifier

You can’t see them, but invisible organisms and minerals from your humidifier’s water tank may be in the air you and your family breathe while indoors.  Therefore, humidifier cleaning and care is an important part of keeping your home healthy.


To avoid exposure to bacteria and mold, correct maintenance routines should be followed. Whole-house humidifiers don’t require a lot of maintenance, and you can ask a technician to inspect the unit as part of semi-annual maintenance on your system. Some whole-house humidifiers have pads that can be cleaned and can develop mineral deposits on the parts. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning and maintenance tips, or feel free to ask us at Home Comfort Experts.  Portable units require a bit more upkeep and it’s important to monitor these units and keep the water fresh. Whole-house units don’t have tanks that need to be filled, of course.  If you are using a portable unit, consider filling it with distilled water because the low mineral content is better for your indoor air quality.  When cleaning a portable humidifier, you should unplug it first, then empty the water tank, clean it thoroughly, and use a dry cloth to wipe damp areas before refilling the tank.

If your unit came with manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning and caring, you should read and follow those special procedures because each unit is different, depending on make and model.

A safe way to clean your humidifier is to use a 3-percent solution of hydrogen peroxide.  This will avoid harsh chemical cleansers from having contact with the water tank.

When your tank level gets low, discard the remaining water, clean the tank thoroughly, rinse and dry it completely, then refill.  The cleanliness of the tank and its water supply is the most important factor in the whole humidifier cleaning process.

Frequently changing filters is essential to operating a healthy humidifier.  Some filters are reusable.  You should follow manufacturer’s instructions always, but many times the best way to clean a filter is to soak it in water for several minutes, then lay it out on a clean towel to let it drip dry.

If you use your humidifier only in certain seasons of the year, make sure you clean and thoroughly dry all parts of your equipment before storing it away until you need it again.  Wipe off the outside, then cover it to avoid dust and particles that might enter during storage.

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