The Importance Of Afue Furnace Ratings

Have you ever wondered how efficient your furnace is?  How do we measure the bang we are getting for our buck?  AFUE ratings provide the easiest and the most common measure for knowing a furnace’s efficiency.

If a furnace has a 78% rating, then 78% of the fuel will heat your home, while the other 22% is lost.  As of 1992, the US Department of energy requires that all furnaces have at least a 78% AFUE rating.  This makes the AFUE rating very important for compliance purposes as well as for the budget conscious household.  This rating will not tell you how much electricity is used, but only how efficient that use is.  To find out how much energy your furnace uses, refer to the Energy Star rating.

When selecting a furnace for your home, AFUE ratings should be balanced against energy use and the heating needs of your home and outside environment.  It is always best to seek professional advice to meet these needs and insure that you have all of your bases covered.

A qualified technician from Home Comfort Experts can provide you with excellent advice on how to balance your energy needs with energy efficiency to get the most out of your heating system.

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