Dryer vent cleaning itself ranges in price starting at $129.


Inspection includes a complete visual diagnostic of vent line, joint connections, vent termination, gas line, washing machine hoses and area surrounding laundry.

This inspection will uncover any deficiencies, damage, improper materials, safety hazards, or
inefficiencies with the system. We will then provide a full estimate based on the results and
answer any questions about any needed repairs.

In the case that the dryer vent cleaning is performed, stemming from an inspection, the inspection fee will be credited towards the cleaning.

If the entire dryer vent needs to be replaced, the cleaning will be discounted to $65.
All repairs are guaranteed for 3 years parts and labor, provided the system is inspected annually and cleaned as needed.

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Indoor air quality directly affects the health, comfort, productivity and quality of life of anyone who breathes indoor air.

Your beautiful “clean” home could be a major source of airborne contaminates that could prevent you and your family from feeling “healthy” and “energetic.” Allergic particles such as pollen, dust, mold spores, fungi spores, tobacco smoke, dust mite feces, pet hair and pet dander all contribute to poor indoor air quality. A half teaspoon of dust contains as many as 1,000 dust mites and 250,000 allergenic dust mite fecal pellets. But don’t worry, at Home Comfort Experts, we can eliminate ALL of it and keep your system running clean and efficiently. Give us a call and get your ducts cleaned to eliminate allergens, mold, dust and other particles than can affect your family’s breathing.

According to the EPA, indoor air can be from two to five times more polluted than outdoor air, AND people spend 90 percent of their time indoors.


The first step to improving air quality in your home is to have your ducts cleaned:

  1. Introduce ourselves with ID badge.

  2. Clean registers.

  3. Utilize abatement technology.

  4. Equalize air pressure.

  5. Clean blower compartment.

  6. Clean evaporator coil.

  7. Plug or patch any holes.

  8. Replace filter.

  9. Clean up.